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Listly is the simplest way to create, curate and publish

Share your interests. Involve your audience. Collaborate with friends

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Make lists on the go

Lists are great content.  They are fun to make and easy to consume for your readers.  Use our web app or iOS app to make lists on the go and keep them updated.  Android app coming soon!

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Publish on Listly and your blog

Listly makes it easy to publish your lists on your blog or website that will impress your audience.  Keep your lists updated from wherever you are and see your content evolve.

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Involve your audience

Listly lets your audience suggest items to be added to the list, helping you continuously curate great content.  They can also vote on items and share individual items from your list.

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Build lists
in a matter of minutes.

Listly understands all kinds of links and media such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Images, Places, Products, People and Apps. Enter a link, or search for media and add them to new or existing lists. 

Use the Listly Web App, iOS App, Chrome Extension, or Bookmarklet to add anything to any of your lists.

A few types of lists you can make...

Bookmark Lists

Collect things you find on the Web - for research or personal use. Organize them into tagged lists that you can share and embed anywhere.

Playlist Lists

With Listly, you can make hybrid playlists from YouTube, SoundCloud and Vimeo.  Listen on the go and share your playlists with others.

App Lists
App Lists

Create, publish, and maintain app recommendations on your blog. With Listly it is easy to add or maintain the list to keep it fresh. Even ask your readers to contribute.

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Places Lists

Make bucket lists or plan your next trip. Make a list of your favorite local restaurants or cool spots and share them with friends or on your blog.

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Product Lists

Make affiliated product lists that you can embed anywhere. Listly removes the pain associated with maintaining affiliate links across multiple sites.

Person Lists
People Lists

Make people lists linking to profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media profiles. Generate visibility and network with ease.

Customize and embed your Listly lists anywhere....

With layouts such as List, Gallery, Magazine, Slideshow, and Minimal, there's plenty to choose from.  Turn features on/off, customize colors and typography to suit your site. 

We have a WordPress Plugin Too!

Listly Embed Options

Who uses Listly? How do they use it?


Curate links and media for class projects, assignments, and homework.  Allow students to contribute and collaborate in building lists.

  • Make public or private lists
  • Allow students to contribute
  • Make it fun with emoji for items
  • Share with other teachers

Collect links and media in carefully crafted lists. Use it across multiple projects. Reorganize and relist items as required.

  • Create lists with item level tagging
  • Share list with collaborators
  • Moderate with team
  • Embed lists in project websites

Create fun listicles and userful lists to engage readers. Add and maintain lists easily without editing posts. Keep content fresh.

  • Readers can vote and contribute
  • Embed list in mutiple formats
  • Maintain affiliate links in lists
  • SEO friendly with WordPress Plugin
Affiliate Marketers

Build affiliated product lists.  Place them in multiple websites and storefronts.  Maintain list once and update everywhere. 

  • Embeddable in multiple places
  • Pick from multiple layouts
  • Maintain lists on the go
  • Profit from careful curation
Content Marketers

30% off all content on the web is a list of some sort.  Your audience love lists and share list posts more than any other content.

  • Make list posts without HTML editing
  • Allow audience to vote
  • Engage users with Emoji
  • Style your list in multiple layouts

That's not all...

Premium Layouts
WordPress Plugin
Private Lists
Emoji Voting
Anonymous Voting
Affiliate Links
Zapier Integration
Team Moderation

Our iOS app is now on App Store

Android coming soon!
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You are in good company


I love because it lets me correct short, well-curated and organized lists of resources for my audience.

— Beth Kanter,      


We use Listly to keep track of all media and event coverage for our events, as well as research lists and review lists. Listly has answered our prayers in a lot of ways to help our community find better information and add to the content marketing conversation.

— Joe Pullizi, CMI     


I love lists and turns out so do my readers - the Listly tool makes putting together visually pleasing lists to run with my posts a joy and the fact that people collaborate on and share the lists makes the posts even stronger.

— John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing